Direct Debit Management Suite

Our DDMS is a cloud/browser-based Direct Debit solution that utilises the APS bureau services to provide both a user-friendly interface for managing your data, and an uploading facility for submitting your data to BACS.

Manage your payments using our payment suite


Our Direct Debit Management Suite comes with 2 configuration options:

  • Complete data management suite
    Our complete data management suite allows you to create, edit and manage your Direct Debit payments and subscriptions without the requirement of another third-party system.

  • File upload suite
    Using our file upload suite, you can upload your pre-generated BACS file from your favourite accounts package. (Upload can be done via the browser, SFTP, or API)

Automated submission of BACS payments and instruction

Multi-user sign and send functionality

Overview of uploaded and previously submitted files

Automatic branded mandates notification (by email) or can be printed and posted.

Automated paper based mandate setup.

Real-time bank account validation/modulus checking

AUDDIS and paperless compliant

Full visibility of your BACS reports without having to log into BACS

Transaction and mandate reporting

About our complete data management suite

Taking details over the phone, or in person? Simply click to set-up a new Direct Debit in the management suite, or attach our web-based sign-up form to your website and start seeing your subscriptions appear in your portal.

Managing Direct Debits and Credits has never been so simple. Keep all of your payment data in one secure place and have peace of mind that your recurring payments will be taken on time, every time.

How does our file upload suite work?​

1) You download your pre-generated direct debit file from your favourite accounts package and upload it into your pre-configured APS portal.

2) We perform a full bank account modulus check on each direct debit entry in the file. This check is done in real-time whilst your file is being imported.

3) Once imported you have full visibility of each direct debit in the file and can perform any checks required. You can also amend any mistakes with the file at this stage.

4) Once you are ready to approve the file, you will be taken to a final summary page where you can then approve the file and submit this to BACS.

5) You are done! We will let you know about any errors that come back from BACS, and also give you full visibility in the portal to your BACS reports.

Upload your pre-generated BACS file from your favourite accounts package. (Upload can be done via the browser, SFTP, or API)

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